Salif Ouedraogo

Ambition, Resilience and Humility define Mr Salif OUEDRAOGO. He is self-taught and one of the essential personalities of the West African sub-region, his career and his various projects contribute to what becomes an economic operator of foreground, he is a business executive with 25 years of experience in the international business community.

He plays a leading role in creating and structuring transactions in Africa, which has generated millions of flows and job creation on the continent.

He is a highly sought after advisor, being a recognized authority in the financial, electrical / energy, agricultural, construction, infrastructure development, agri-food, agricultural inputs and hospitality sectors.

Salif OUEDRAOGO is Chairman and CEO of the API Holding group.

Salif OUEDRAOGO is the Director of the company “Le Saut Togo SA”, distributor of Nestlé products in Togo.

Salif OUEDRAOGO is also the manager and owner of the Nobila Airport hotel in Cotonou, Benin as well as the manager of Nobila Energy, specialist in energy solutions.

He takes this opportunity to renew his thanks to all his partners who have trusted him in his field. He says he is ready to put his expertise at the service of the entire African continent and the rest of the world.

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